Eno::Section » #field

field(name) → value or nil
field(name, options) → object/value or nil
field(name, loader_proc, options) → value or nil
field(name, options) { |name, value| loader_block } → object/value or nil

Retrieve a field's value from the section, optionally supplying a loader to validate and/or transform the value, and/or an options object.

enocolor: blue
rubysection.field('color')  #=> 'blue'
section.field('sound')  #=> nil

section.field('sound', required: true)           # raises an error
section.field('sound', enforce_value: true)      # raises an error
section.field('sound', enforce_element: true)    #=> nil
section.field('texture', enforce_element: true)  # raises an error

section.field('color') { |name, value| value.upcase }  #=> 'BLUE'

section.field('color') do |name, value|
  raise 'Only green is allowed!' if value != 'green'  # raises an error

section.field('color', with_element: true)
  #=> [ #<Eno::Field name="color" value="blue">, 'blue' ]



A string representing the name of the field to return.

loader_block or loader_proc

A block or Proc returning the transformed/validated value or raising an error.



Whether the field must be present in the document (true or false, defaults to false)


Whether there must be a value or the field is allowed to be empty (defaults to false)


Alias for enforce_value (this exists on many methods and depending on context refers to either element or value)


Whether to return an array of the form [element, value] instead of just the value (default false)

Return value

The value of the field, or nil if empty, or an array of the form [element, value]when the option with_element is specified.