Eno\Field » value

value() → value or null
value($options) → value or null
value($loader) → value or null
value($loader, $options) → value or null

Retrieve the value of a Field, optionally passing it through a loader function and/or supplying options.

enoflag color: beige
towel color:
php$document = Parser::parse($input);

$flag_color = $document->element('flag color');
$towel_color = $document->element('towel color');

$flag_color->value();  // returns 'beige'
$towel_color->value();  // returns null

$flag_color->value(function($value) { return str_replace('eig', 'lu' , $value); });  // returns 'blue'



A function returning the transformed/validated value or throwing an error. (The function's argument signature is dynamic, you can either use ($value) or ($name, $value))



Whether there must be a value or the field is allowed to be empty (default to false)


Alias for enforce_value (this exists on many methods and depending on context refers to either element or value)

Return value

The (optionally transformed/validated) value of this Field.