Section » section

section(name) → Section or null
section(name, options) → Section or null

Retrieve the subsection with the specified name from this current section.

eno# content
title: A Manifest

# notes
javascriptconst document = eno.parse(input);

document.section('content');   // returns [object Section name="content" elements=1]
document.section('notes');     // returns [object Section name="notes" elements=0]
document.section('metadata');  // throws an error

document.section('metadata', { required: false });       // returns null
document.section('notes', { enforceElement: true });     // returns [object Section name="notes" elements=0]
document.section('metadata', { enforceElement: true });  // throws an error



A string specifying the name of the section to retrieve.



Whether the section must be present in the document (defaults to false)


Alias for enforceElement (this exists on many methods and depending on context refers to either element or value)

Return value

An Section, or null.