loaders ยป string

string() โ†’ string
stringItems() โ†’ array
stringList() โ†’ array

Technically not a loader, but an alias for the standard accessors (which always return strings), you can use it if you prefer a 100% type-oriented value access terminology in your code. Note that this is not even a noop function, but really just a direct alias, so using it instead of e.g. field does not incur any performance drawback.

enoname: Alice
number: 13
javascriptconst document = eno.parse(input);

document.string('name');  // returns 'Alice'
document.string('number');  // returns '13'

// .... these are completely identical to ...

document.field('name');  // returns 'Alice'
document.field('number');  // returns '13'